Two Truths 

I’ve recently made a decision to leave the home that I have created for myself in Australia. It was not an easy decision to make and my heart will be heavy getting on that plane.

But it was the right decision. I know that. And there is nothing like feeling in your core that you have made the right decision for yourself. It’s a good feeling. 

So a return to my home country, Canada, it is. But not before a long overdue journey to Peru for some education around how I can live more harmoniously with the earth and her inhabitants. Quite the adventure ahead of me! 🙂 
Since making rather big, life defining decisions I’ve been stuck with this idea of living in between the lines of two truths. Wondering how I can honour the fact that two diverse and paradoxical themes in life can rule together. As humans we tend to align with the “all or nothing” “black or white” kind of living and forget that it is perfectly okay and even beneficial to blend in with the grey and adopt many truths that we can live by. It’s about finding that magic spot, the special place where we can live in between the conflicting facts, and trust.


All is well.

 So on one breath, I want freedom. I want excitement, adventure, spotenaiety and flight. And with the next breath comes my insatiable desire for more groundedness, more stability, more consistency and permanence. I was caught up in believing that I had to abide by one truth and live my life from this place. But what I have come to realize along my journey to my desires is that I can live amongst both of these truths. Yes, it is true – I am being called to trust the unknown which is catapulting me into more adventure, spontaneous plans and excitement. And yes it is also true that while I am being catapulted I am also getting ready to root and connect and create consistency. 

Two truths. One place.

It’s okay to live in the middle. This is real AND this is real. They can both exist together and once we can accept the existence of our multiple, polarizing truths then we find ourselves having more capacity to choose our desires from our hearts. 

We can trust that it is perfectly alright to live in between the lines of two truths.

Rumi puts is best,

“let the beauty we love be what we do. There are hundreds of ways to kiss the ground”


It is what it is

The literal theme of my trip to Canada.

“What does that even mean?!” I used to say with an exasperated sigh while I frantically searched for an appropriate answer to my issue….
It is what it is, they’d say – Like it was a perfectly acceptable and reasonable answer to one of life’s many troubling conundrums. That sentence would bother me to no end… I’d rack my brain thinking about how it could be something else than just …what is.

Like maybe if I tried it this way….. or maybe if I tried to tell her…. or maybe if I could just get on the same page as him….Maybe if I tried really hard, it would be something else, something that made more sense to me. Something other than “it is what it is”

The thing with “it is what it is” is that there’s really no where else to go from there. I have no more words. Because….they are right.

It is…..what it is….. People are who they are. Life is what it is. Nature is who she is. I used to think that this was such a limiting way of looking at Life, but I realize now that there is so much freedom in seeing a situation for what it really is without some deep and complex list of reasons why things are the way they are. It really just is what it is.

So for me now there’s a resolving acceptance when I hear those words drum through my mind…it feels good. It feels good in a way where l’m realizing that I can probably stop trying so hard.
And resisting so much.
and fighting
but mostly it feels good because…

…it is…..what it is….

To fully accept.
what is.
So that I can be.
And you can be you.


Decisions, decisions, decisions

Decisions are tricky. It’s not an uncommon reaction to want to run and hide when one is forced to make a decision. I know at times in my life I have felt the confusion and uncertainty involved in making a choice and have longed for the coldness of the underbelly of a rock, while I patiently awaited my decision to fade away. Decisions force you to evaluate your values, and your current desires and then inevitably you will have to come to a definitive choice about which direction you should take.

Of course, I believe it is favorable to make a choice that is backed by a lot of heart. But it’s not always easy to come to a conclusion.

Am I making the right decision?

Nevertheless, this is not a post that details the tell-tale signs of right decisions rather I wanted to make a point that it doesn’t really matter what you choose.

The divine truth is that there are no wrong paths you can take. You are headed the very same place I’m going, and whether you choose A or B does not matter in the end. Of course it may become very apparent to you that when you are not living your life from your heart you find yourself “off track.” Maybe you got into the wrong relationship for the wrong reasons, or maybe you decided to take the wrong job. These choices may appear “wrong” but really what they are doing is showing you something. When you are not in alignment with your choices and you feel as if you have made the wrong choice then it is time for you to listen.

Listen, and become still because you are being spoken to from a supreme force that is called Life. And your job is to feel that and let it move you.

How do you get back on track? Instead of feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed by all the you have to do to get out of your misguided choices, just take baby steps. Ask yourself, what is the next small step I can take to get me back onto the path that feels good?

Be still.


And then act.



Good choice. x



In Motion 

Every once in a while I attend this dancing night in the north side of Melbourne called 5 rhythms. It’s sort of like a dancing meditation. A free for all of movement. No moves, no steps just MOVE YOUR BODY! A big beautiful hall filled with all these people just there to be present with movement. It’s amazing and terrifying all at the same time. You feel silly, and confronted because at first it feels unnatural, but then as you begin to drop into the space and let go of some fears it starts to feel like a long lost friend. Your body in motion. It’s a great experience. And every time I go I feel like I leave with a renewed sense of life. “Oh right, I forgot about that side of myself” or “ah, yes that still hurts, time for more self compassion”

It’s all so good.

And it reminds me how important it is to be in motion. It reminds me 12376862_10156714144190654_3818864030108662277_nthat my body is meant to be in motion. Because when there is movement in the body we allow more movement in our lives. Our emotions move, our thoughts move and when we facilitate a purposeful experience of just flowing with the body’s movement we allow our emotions to move into a place where we can fully experience the emotion. And I say this a lot but I believe it wholeheartedly… The way we squash limiting and destructing beliefs is to allow ourselves to fully experience our emotions when they arise without suppression. So when your body is in motion – it almost feels like you have no choice. The body is moving and setting the scene for an authentic movement of emotion and pent up energy. It can’t be avoided. When we are in motion we are vulnerable, we’re raw, we are our true selves when the veil of illusions comes crashing down with every bead of sweat and with every step. The insecurities, the negativity, the facade that we carry around with us falls away when we express ourselves creatively through our bodies. The body is teeming with raw, creative power. There is a growing amount of research and literature on the importance and relevance of body work in healing therapies, and this is something I feel very called to learn more about. Healing happens with the body. It’s all connected.

I started writing fiercely when I left the hall tonight because I just felt this surge of inspiration and creative power within. I was looking back at some of my other writing that I had done about movement and motion and I found this piece while I was searching. It was almost exactly one year ago today after a 5 rhythms dance when I was feeling very poetic and empowered when I wrote this.


“when I’m moving I am anything,


I can do anything and I believe it. I believe my body. She has a lot to tell me while I’m in motion.

In movement – I am.

I’ve solved the worlds greatest problems with each pound on the pavement. … Wooooeeeee!

Moving my body – in ways that I dream about some days on the long train home. My headphones jammed in my ear, an054d the beat… beat… beat.

I feel micro movements in my cells and muscles,


screaming at me.

I move in any way I can with the music, against the music feeling every stretch being fluid and free.

Letting my wildness come out on the floor.

Stamping my feet around with reckless abandon like an animal.

I dance like I need to save my life, I dance as if this dance will let me shake.




Jumping, skipping, flowing, moving. Shaking every part of me that needs to be shook up.

Gangsta, ballerina, sexy hip swaying chica.

I can be anyone.

On the dance floor,

I am.

My feet take me to places that I didn’t think I could go with each spin and each stretch I become wiser, I become her.

There is no stop.

Resistance rises and I dance with him. The machine. I feel his rigidity and I flow through him, his straight line, his linear walls. He has his hold and I love him, my resistance.

But now I dance with him.

The shackles are coming loose.




My shackles rise and fall with each beat, with each strum, with each twang. I release.

I let go of the judgement – what are people thinking?

The doubt – I can’t dance.

The fear – my raw, unapologetic power that scares the shit out of me.

Dancing with fear like a long lost yet familiar partner. I step inside of my fear and prance around my fear and then I laugh.

The joy.

Oh the joy.”
In so much loving gratitude to my body and to your body.



Meditation – Step by Step…Oooo Baby!

Can’t resist a New Kids on the Block flashback can we! Ah, the good ol days.

Getting back on track….Id like to start by demystifying meditation here if i can, and then get into the steps needed to start meditating!



What its not

So, let me clarify – you don’t have to sit on top of a mountain contemplating the meaning of life to meditate. You do not have to join any 10 day silent retreats in Bali to attain serenity. Nor do you have to  travel to India and sit cross legged in an Ashram for a month. These are all wonderful ways to gain some peace of mind, and if you have the means and the willingness to do these things, then go for it! But it is absolutely not necessary. And to be completely honest with you, you don’t even have to attend a group to really get the gist of meditation. You can practice it all on your own. And lastly I want to clarify that meditation is NOT about silencing the mind as that would be impossible.

What it is 

imagesMeditation is about being awake to what is happening. So instead of silencing the mind its about being with the mind. We assume the position of a watcher – where we can watch the thoughts and the chaos of the mind and remain unaffected by the noise.  Jon Kabat Zinn states – “paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally.” However, Jon is of course referring to the practice of mindfulness which I believe is almost identical to meditation. Mindfulness is a hot topic these days and it seems like a lot of people are jumping on the mindfulness train in order to become more present in their lives – which I think is great. There are a lot of ways we can become more mindful and meditation is a great way to start building some of those mindful muscles in the brain.

The Facts

Its a proven fact that a wandering mind is an unhappy mind. When our minds 2015-03-01 22.32.47are wandering they become more prone to ruminate and worry. When our minds are
disciplined, alert and aware we can fully absorb everything that happens around us. And, once you start paying attention on purpose you will be amazed at how much more meaning and substance there is in your conversations with people, in your work, and in the beautiful moments that pass us by. We miss a lot of life when we are not fully aware of the moment.


There is a growing amount of literature and research being done on meditation nowadays. Meditation has many scientifically proven long term effect on brain behavior and health. Some of them are:

  1. Increased concentration, memory and overall cognitive ability
  2. Decreased anxiety
  3. Physical relaxation and comfort
  4. Increased well being
  5. Increased peace of mind
  6. Increased immune system
  7. Decrease in blood pressure


The steps

So, all you need is 5-10 minutes…..

  • Find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed – the less distractions the better.
  • Phones on silent and out of the room if possible.
  • If you decide to sit on the floor, make sure you have a cushion or something soft to sit on.
  • You can also sit on a chair, or lie down with a pillow supporting your head.
  • If you decide to sit down and it feels good to rest your back against a wall then do that. (I have to meditate with my back supported or laying down.)
  • Whatever makes you feel comfortable yet alert. You want to be comfortable but not too comfortable that you might fall asleep.
  • Your back needs to be straight so that the breath can travel freely through the body.
  • Once in position and you feel good, then begin to take 3 purposeful, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. (This tells the body and the mind that you are entering into a state of rest).
  • Resume breathing in and out through your nose only.
  • As you breathe, begin to notice the breath. Notice if your breath is shaky, if there are any pauses in between breaths, any jerkiness. Just noticing without judgement or stories.
  • As you continue breathing you notice your thoughts. And when your mind gets lost in thought (which it will) you use a soft, gentle kind voice bringing it back to your breath.
  • Your inhale and your exhale.
  • And then again…. soft, gentle voice….coming back to the breath….
  • Noticing the thoughts
  • Watching the thoughts
  • Soft, gentle, inner voice bringing your attention….back to your inhale and your exhale.
  • Again, and again

Now, this isn’t easy. Its going to be incredibly frustrating, but with practice you will see marked, profound changes in your life. I certainly have.

If we are able to change our ways of perceiving things through meditation, we will inevitably change the quality of our lives.

Here is a man-mouse giving you a quick beginner’s guide to meditation!


Thanks for reading!



Feelings and Emotions – Our Fullest Expression


I like to think of our emotions as the colorful spectrum of a beautiful rainbow that reflects our soul’s desire for transparency and liberation.

Often times I hear people speak about how they feel, or what they are feeling. Throughout my journey I have come across a fundamental truth about the difference between feelings and emotions, and I want to be clear here and state that there is in fact a glaring discrepancy between feelings and emotions. Of course, they are absolutely interconnected to each other, but it is important to note that feelings are of the mind, and emotions are of the body. Our feelings are surface level experiences that appear to be masking a deeper unheard need in the body. Your feelings are on the surface, and they pop up in the everyday, particularly the “negative” feelings. The feelings like jealousy, anger, resentment, etc are the ones that tend to hum in the background and play on the mind’s flighty dance of insecurity.

Let’s say for example; irritation – If we could deconstruct irritation here and really notice the feeling we have when we experience irritation we could probably all agree that we are never really irritated for the reason we think we are. Irritation is a surface level feeling that is almost always pointing to an emotion that has far more depth and girth than we could imagine.

Deeper causal emotions, like fear and shame for example tend to live in the unconscious and particularly in the body and they can be more difficult to access because of our human conditioning. I have found that in our culture and society we are taught to pay far more attention to the mind and less to the wisdom of our bodies. Historically, society has had a very flawed view of how we should experience our emotions and that is why I feel very drawn to spreading more awareness and support for people to fully experience the full spectrum of life. Our emotions are a central part of that experience. If we could tap into and fully process the deeper causal emotions that lie dormant within our bodies, our psyche and our soul then I believe that true healing can take place in a person’s life.

So how do we do that?

Well, we start by noticing. Noticing how we feel is one of the most powerful yet simplistic tools for greater self awareness. When we notice our thoughts and then notice how the thoughts created a feeling then we are able to separate ourselves from the actual experience of being a victim to our minds and instead take control of our experience. When we notice our life, we become the watcher, and it becomes easier to realize that we are not our minds, and that true freedom from the limitations of the mind come from heart centered, mindful awareness. One way we can begin to notice our lives more fully is to become more mindful of our everyday experiences. A practice that has helped me immensely is meditation. Meditation is a silent activity that you can practice in silence watching the breath, watching your thoughts and being present with your experience. If meditation isn’t for you then maybe just becoming more mindful will help you to start noticing. There are so many apps on meditation and mindfulness these days, wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot!

So, once we have noticed the feelings arising we start to become curious. We start to ask questions; what is this feeling trying to show me? How can I open up to this feeling so that I can have greater clarity and understanding? What is the deeper emotion underneath this feeling? You might ponder these questions for a few days, letting it circulate throughout your awareness. You might find yourself asking these questions to your true self, the real you who is timeless, authentic and very loving. These questions could also come in the form of a prayer – a sacred time where you ask your soul or Spirit how to proceed with these uncomfortable feelings and how you can reach the deeper emotions so that you can ultimately release them.

The third most important step to true healing is allowing. We allow the feeling and emotion to come into our experience and do whatever it needs to do. If that means crying, then it means we cry, if that means a few days of sorrow and sadness then we are being called to honor that time to feel sad. If it means that we have to just give in to that guttural belly laugh with someone we love then that is what is needed. However the physical manifestation of our emotions present themselves – they need to be allowed and then experienced fully. This is our biggest problem. We don’t allow ourselves to feel. We “suck it up “or we “deal with it later” rather than dealing with the emotion when it arises. Our emotions are meant to be felt, not pushed away and the more we suppress our emotions the more we will live an oppressed and stressed life.

As the saying goes, you have to feel it to heal it.

And I’m not at all saying that it’s going to be easy, or fun. It can be terrifying, sometimes isolating and most likely painful, but trust me when I say that what’s on the other side is so much more love, joy, confidence and clarity. Allowing yourself to feel those deep emotions will literally change your life.

Feeling love and gratitude,

Andrea Weekes









Blue Tree


I pay attention to the signs and symbols in my every day because I believe that there are synchronicities at play. Meaningful coincidences that guide me and reflect back to me my own creative powers. Spirit is always communicating with us, and so for me it’s been about PAYING ATTENTION. Being mindful of the questions that I ask and how the answers come back to me.

The number 44 keeps appearing to me and has been for the last three months. It’s constant! Almost every day I notice the number 44 or 444. I feel very blessed that my ancestors look out for me and guide me to these sacred messages.

I decided to look up the meaning behind the sequence of 4 and the predominant message was matters relating to “business”. “The numerology number 44 is about business, especially business related to building something to benefit many generations. 44 builds for both the present and the future. It wants rewards for its work in the present and it wants to have a large positive effect on the future. ”

The idea of building business to benefit the generations to come really stood out for me and got me thinking about what business really means. I was pretty sure it didn’t mean that I should get my business degree or invest in a stock or bond (although I should probably start considering those types of business) 😉

What I took from it was matters of business that relate to what I want to create for myself and my community. I started to ask myself the questions about what I wanted to create in my future and I continued to be directed back to what I am creating today. Today the person I am is forming the person I want to be. I began to understand that the small details of my life; like the language that I choose to use every day, the people that I smile at, where my money goes, these kinds of details are all directly impacting my life in the next 10, 20, 30 years.

I started to wonder what it would mean for me to negotiate, manage and consult with the spirit of my experiences.” How could I add a little more business minded energy to my decisions and motivations in life? The number 44 has been teaching me that every day is business. Right now we are in business. When we wake up in the morning and begin counting our blessings we are building a business. When we get to work and begin communicating our strategies and plans, all business. When we go home at night and smile and laugh with our loved ones or spend precious time in solitude taking care of ourselves, we are in the process of creating our own business. Every movement, every response, every smile, every action is business that will have a larger effect on the future.

We are all creators and we all have a special place in the world to create our own unique and special gifts. Our gift can be a beautiful smile, a way with words or a generous heart, regardless of what your gifts are its essential that we use them in our life to create a world that we all want to live in. This is our business. And it is your business to do more of what you are good at. It is time for you to do more of what everyone around you loves about you.

An element of business building is targets, objectives and goals. We focus on our goals so that we can add benefit and value to our lives and the lives of our families today, tomorrow, 10 years down the road. We make goals so we can get stuff done! Little do we know that our aspirations and creative insights are not only putting ideas into motion for us but they are also creating waves of change for people in generations to come. We are creating our planet every day with our thoughts, our beliefs, our attitudes and emotions. We create by way of our goals, and when we put conscious effort into creating our lives through our heart felt desires we are in business. The business of life.

With 2016 fast approaching this is the time where we tend to reflect upon the years past and look forward to the year ahead. We start to ask the questions around what we would like to accomplish, and what we have yet to accomplish. Take a look at the goals you have set for yourself. Often times we set very large goals for ourselves in hopes that our lives will transform into something else. That magic will ensue and make everything better, once… this happens or that happens. But then again, as we know true fulfilment lies not in the future, but in your experiences now.

As you begin to think about your resolutions, the type of person you are becoming, what you want to create for yourself and your family, reflect on what you can do today. Maybe it’s a goal to write down 5 things you feel grateful for every morning before work. Maybe you set a resolution to give people more compliments, or maybe you decide to spend 7 minutes in silence every day. Whatever idea surfaces for you during this time – remember that you are in business and that the everyday you are creating your business. The business of your life is every moment and when you allow yourself to experience your life moment by moment while keeping your ethos in heart and mind you will transform your world and the world to come.

Wishing everyone an abundance of joy, fulfilment and love over this holiday season.

Happy New Year!






Photo credit: Lindsey Smilski – See more of her work at Lindsey Smilski Fine Arts on Facebook


2015-05-18 11.18.38-2

My Higher Self and I

I’ve been feeling very excited and engaged with this wonderful certificate program that I have been taking so that I can become a meditation teacher with the Australian institute for Holistic Studies I wanted to take this program so that one day I could teach meditation to people in hopes that I can support others to learn how to reduce stress, become more mindful and get people out of their heads and into their bodies.

Oh! I just LOVE IT!

I feel really good about this next step because it’s 100% my passion to support people to heal themselves and I feel this practice really aligns with my beliefs about true healing of the body, mind and soul and it aligns with my hopes and dreams that I have for the world we live in today.

Thankfully, the program involves a lot of meditation practice on my part, which is amazing because it’s not only teaching me to teach others its teaching me how to reduce my own stress, become mindful in my own life and get out of my busy thinking mind and into my body where all my true wisdom lies.

I wanted to write a blog about an experience I had the other day after practicing a “higher self” mediation where I was asked to connect to that higher aspect of myself that has unconditional support and love. This experience was so divine and the insight that came through was absolutely ground breaking for me.

However, before I tell you all about this beautiful experience I have to admit that I have been going through a hard time over here. I have really been struggling after having a really challenging and hurtful interaction with a person in my life this last month. The experience has left me feeling weak, confused, sad, fearful, humiliated, insecure and, unworthy. I haven’t felt like myself lately and this whole experience has made it really difficult for me to “pick up where I left off” so to speak.

Sigh. That’s okay. I put my hand up for this work and so I am here to get my hands dirty and indeed do what I must to learn, grow and heal. There is power behind my pain, I know that. So I’ve been slowly picking up the pieces each day. Rebuilding trust. Trust in myself, and trust in others.

Steady, easy, slowly Andrea. Do what you can. Take your time. You’re okay girl. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off. You got this.

And when in doubt… Time and some inappropriate humour work wonders on me 😉

It has been difficult for me to get back into the swing of things so I was really pleased with myself this week when I picked up my meditation book and started yet again moving my way through some meditations. Like I said earlier one of the activities asked me to invite my “higher self” to emerge within the meditation. Your higher self is that wiser, deeper, and divine aspect of you that is all knowing and very loving. Almost like your guardian angel but they are a part of you and live within you always. The activity involved me asking that higher Andrea a question that I needed answered. The scenario I vaguely described earlier still crosses my mind from time to time and leaves me feeling unsettled and very busy in the mind. So I decided to ask my higher self the question “What was this experience meant to show me?”

I was in my posture, breathing, peace was settling in and I waited. “What was this experience meant to show me?”

Usually when I meditate it takes me quite a bit of time to slow my thoughts, refocus my attention and slip into the stillness. But this time I got into it right away. I was in the zone and my girl had some big news for me.

The instructions read,

“Once this aspect of you emerges, feel what it feels like to be in their presence. In your inner scene, allow them to speak to you – notice what advice they have for you.”

This higher aspect of myself emerged right away into my inner scene and sat down right in front of me. I felt the energy around me shift and my focus sharpen and land right on the woman sitting directly in front of me. There she was – sitting cross legged, in the exact clothes I was wearing with her hair pulled back the exact way I had my hair. There was nothing about her that differed from the way I looked except the way her face formed my smile. She had a beautiful self-assured smile and gentle and loving warmth to her. And I realized in that moment that I missed that about me.

So there we were. My higher self and I.

I wanted to wrap myself up in her and ask her to hold me and tell me everything was going to be okay. I wanted to reach for her and touch her arms and hold her close, and in that hug know that once I was in her embrace that everything could be undone and I would be me again.

I waited for her to speak. But she said nothing. I expected her to say something to me that would answer my question and make sense of the mess. I wanted a profound answer or knowing about what happened in hopes that her response about this whole situation would bring me back… to me. But she didn’t say a word. She just continued to look at me smiling and with a degree of love that I at the time could only respond to with tearful overwhelm.

In that moment I knew that she didn’t have to say a word to me or explain anything to me. It was done, and what was left was us.

What was left of the mess was her, and me.

And I had this knowing that whatever happened didn’t actually matter. What was important was that I knew that I was deeply loved and forgiven, accepted, and perfect.

Her self-assured smile and loving confidence was a deep and impactful reminder for me that the first relationship I have to build upon and learn from is the relationship I have with Andrea. My relationship with myself.  I certainly got the answer to my question “What was this experience meant to show me?”

It was meant to show me, me.

Right here, right now. With this mess, and all my imperfections.

My higher self and I.

This exchange brought me to tears and to the floor where I stayed for quite some time processing the realization that I had forgotten about ME. In all my worry and self-criticisms and over analyzations I was missing the most important message.

A return to love of self.

The willingness to be gentle with myself and allow whatever is coming up to spill over as it needs to. Allowing myself to just BE. To be in my pain and in my terror, and then softly at night lying down with myself, hand over heart

– “everything is going to be okay hunny”.

Loving exactly where you are with what you have is an inside job.  It was important for me to remember that no one is going to make me feel “enough” if I don’t allow myself to pause the busy egoic mind and recognize that all I needed was some loving.

I believe that in order for us to truly connect to our lives, our relationships with people and oursleves we have to start with a healthy dose of inner love and deep deep deep compassion for self.

In deep compassion and love.

2015-04-03 17.03.39



Change and Acceptance

“This is the pattern of really big change. Big expansion. Slight constriction. Return to expansion. Micr143o constriction. Back to expansion – full, fuller, fullest. Expanded.

-Danielle Laporte

As some of you may know I was in Canada for a couple weeks visiting family and friends. I had such an amazing time catching up with good friends that I haven’t seen in so long. Warmed my heart! And my family, it was so lovely to spend some quality time with everyone taking it all in! But the heart of a gypsy will always be split in two unfortunately and saying goodbye never gets easy, but it’s the price I pay for this journey.

It’s quite a big transition to come and go from Canada and Australia and this has brought up some rather large shifts in my life. There have been two very important elemental forces coming up for me in the last month since returning from home. And I say elemental because they are elements that exist within our natural world. The earth would not continue to spin a million miles an hour if it weren’t for these two.


When I got back from Canada for some reason my life just looked different. I started to feel uneasy, uncomfortable and my life as familiar as it was all of a sudden felt foreign and unknown to me. I could feel a transition vibrating through my days… biiiiiig CHANGE was coming. Shaking things up and moving little bits of my life around. Something was happening. Every day I kept saying to myself – “something is moving”. I believe as humans we have the ability to pick up on subtle shifts of energy and change just like animals do in their natural world. They can sense a storm brewing and we can too.  And I believe that I’ve felt even more sensitive to the energetic shifts in my unseen life because I’ve been developing my intuitive abilities through meditation, mindfulness and energetic healing.

I’m in it now – in the change and although nothing about my physical life has changed, I’ve changed. I’ve moved into something different. And we are constantly doing that- moving into something different. Something more evolved, more settled, more expanded, whatever it is. We are always moving into something. Morphing, altering, adapting- changing. 121Always changing. Every day, every hour, every minute we are in a constant state of change. So what do we do with all of this? It can be overwhelming. And change isn’t always pretty- we know this. It’s not always sunshine and roses. This transition into something different has brought on a lot of uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and experiences for me and it’s caused me to re-evaluate my life coming up to the shift. Change does that. It can force a breakdown or a revelation, a creative explosion or maybe even a block. Change puts literally everything in motion! It’s the law of the universe.

Leaning into the discomfort and vulnerability associated to change and movement can be the most difficult challenge for us humans. What I have come to understand throughout my own journey is that ACCEPTANCE will help me dance with the changes in my life rather than fight changes. This place in between change and acceptance is the birth place for inspiration, joy creativity, belonging and love.

Acceptance opens the doorway for change to cause a breakthrough rather than a breakdown.

Eckhart Tolle, author of The Power of Now states that we have three choices in every moment. To change the situation, to remove ourselves from the situation or to radically accept our current circumstances. Anything else is insanity. Easier said than done I know, but he’s got a point. Now acceptance does not mean “tolerating” or “ignoring” – it means that you stop to first of all acknowledge the change. Sit back in your chair of comfort and take a long look at what’s been going on, get a good look at the scenery, and make your most informed observations (less thinking but with more feeling). And then you choose. Accept these changes by CHOOSING to perceive the change from a place of lightness. Simply asking yourself the question….

How can I dance with this change rather than fight it?


How can I allow this change to support me in growing into a more loving person?


How can I view this change from a different light?


What has this change taught me about perseverance, trust, myself?

Ask the question…throw the dog a bone….and then patiently wait for the right answers to come to you. They will.

Simply taking the time to ask these questions might make all the difference when it comes to having the tough conversation, making the big purchase or doing nothing at all, etc, etc. It might just mean that you need to start being mindful of change in your life and how you have responded to said change in the past… or it might mean… so many things. It means that you’ve taken the time to acknowledge that you are a changing being.

And it’s okay if you do006n’t like the change; no one said you had to like everything that happens to you in your life. Sometimes shitty things happen. Shitty things are going to happen. And it’s not our job to avoid or remove all bad things that happen to us in our life, because sometimes we need the shit. Sometimes we need the shit to show us how to shine a little brighter and soften our edges. Sometimes the shitty things that happen to us in our lives need to happen so that we can be redirected to something different, something more fitting for our heart and our soul. Your heart and your soul know EXACTLY what you need and when you need it. And accepting change is all about honouring that truth. The truth of who you are, not who you think you are.

This change is necessary. There are no guarantees, just your wholehearted courageous soul embracing the knowing that what makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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There was a woman

In my last post “It ends with you and it begins with you” I shared with you my beliefs around storytelling and how we can transform our lives through the heroic, yet simple act of re-writing your story. We all have a story to share.

I believe that people who tell a story have the ability to create and lead their lives in a very powerful way. Storytelling is an ancient practice and tradition that many indigenous communities have used to share knowledge, spiritual guidance and in general communicate with each other. What I love about story telling is that the story teller allows the listener to form an emotional attachment to the plot. When we hear a story it strikes a chord of resonance and meaning and it binds us to one another. It creates connection, and this is what life is all about.


I decided to write a narrative about a life of beauty and connection in hopes that my story telling will pave the way for deeper exploration and creativity in myself and in others.

There was a woman. She lived in the forest, and she was at home. This woman was at home with the trees, the birds, the sun, the moon, the animals and the plants of this forest. She was never alone because she knew her place. The woman had a place to call home among all the other beings of the forest, and she was wild and she was free. There were other women and other men who lived wild and free in this forest. The woman was part of a community, a community of people, plants and animals that loved and honoured each other. They were the earth keepers of the forest .

beauty before them, beauty behind them, and beauty all around them.

 The woman lived harmoniously among her community of beauty keepers. The woman knew that although the magnificent trees of the forest did not speak her language she was in deep communication with them every day. The community of beauty keepers knew that these trees had great teachings for them -teachings that opened them, enlightened them.

The woman was good friends with the two legged’s, the four legged’s, the slithery ones and the winged ones. The animals were her mates whom she laughed and played with. The warm sun and gentle breeze danced with her and protected her every day. And the2015-06-01 04.02.29 big black night sky sheltered her existence with stillness and wisdom. There was an abundance of food, water, love and peace. There were limitless resources in the forest and no need to beg, borrow or steal from the earth.  The woman knew this, and the people of the forest knew this. There was always enough. The ecosystem, and the woman and her people lived in flowing harmony. In this forest there was enough space for love and excitement, everlasting joy and compassion. There was space and time for everything. The forest allowed the woman and her people to feel and experience whatever they needed to in their human form. The forest celebrated with the people in their reverence and forgave them of their misguidance, for the people of the forest didn’t always live within this magical forest.

Once upon a time the woman lived outside of the forest in a colder, concrete forest. The woman lived among people but separate from them. She lived in a time where it was every woman for herself. Alone, but always dreaming of the forest. There was never enough in this concrete forest, and the faces of her people bared no resemblance of honour and love. Trees were just trees and birds were just birds in this world. And the woman longed for something more.  

The people around her told her that she was silly to dream of such a place, and that she belonged in the dreams of reality, structure and an unchangeable realm. But the woman couldn’t live there any longer. She just couldn’t. She knew there had to be some other place she could go where her ideas were respected, sacred and celebrated.2015-07-18 19.07.59

She realized that she was never meant for that world and that no one who lived in the concrete forest was meant for this world.

So she left.

She made a choice to create her own world. The woman would choose to eternally live in the forest that she created bringing all those who dreamed of another forest with her. The woman chose to live among beauty, love and peace. And she chose to feel. The woman’s life from there on out would be dedicated to spreading inspiration and hope to everyone who also dreamed of a forest. The woman’s sole purpose and mission would be to teach other beings to trust in the magic and teachings of nature, of their hearts, of their souls. The woman viewed the world as whole, complete and perfect, and she viewed her brothers and sisters as whole complete and perfect.

The woman was whole, complete and perfect.

The woman lived in the forest and she was at home.